Smith hosts Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark

My colleague Steve Clark, Ontario's Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing was in Bay of Quinte on Tuesday, Jan. 7 to join me in meeting with a series of local stakeholders.

We had the opportunity to join Grace Inn board chair Jodie Jenkins and members of the local media to tour the newly opened 21-bed emergency shelter in Belleville.  This project is a great example of a community rallying to support residents in need.

Warden Rick Phillips and his team at Hastings County met with us early in the day.  We discussed the Home For Good project, housing supports, and other pressing municipal matters.  While at the Hastings offices, we also heard an update on the Eastern Ontario Regional Network-led cellular gap project.  The public-private partnership, which our government supported through a $71-million commitment, will improve communications infrastructure across the region.

Also Tuesday, we met with the mayors of our three local municipalities and with a delegation from the Quinte Region Landlords Association.